Vada Snider, photojournalist

Story-telling candids and natural, on-location portraits

"Photojournalism that captures the inner spirit of the subject is an art form only a few understand – and fewer ever master. Vada’s sensitivity gives this book its power through images that warm the heart and touch the soul."

..... Larry Hatteberg

Since earning a master’s degree in communications from Wichita State University in 1991, Vada Snider has enjoyed a multi-dimensional career that spans the field: Interviews with Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary, political satirist Mark Russell and former CIA director James Schlesinger; A photo exhibit at Harrods in London, England; Portrait assignments for the Mennonite Church across the United States.

Her first jobs were in the newspaper business, working as a photographer for the Ark Valley News in Valley Center, Kansas, and for the Wichita Business Journal. During these early years, her work won numerous state, regional and national awards from the Kansas Press Association, Society of Professional Journalists and National Newspaper Association.

Soon after completing her degree, Snider was hired as the sole photographer for the first Larry Hatteberg’s Kansas People book. Based on the work of Channel 10 newscaster Larry Hatteberg, this assignment gave Snider a chance to really explore her love of portraits. Over the course of four months, Snider traveled more than 6,000 miles to visit people Hatteberg had selected for inclusion in the book.

The book was published in November 1991 and was an immediate success, holding the top spot on regional best-seller lists for months.

In 1995, More Larry Hatteberg’s Kansas People was published, again featuring the photography of Vada Snider.


Throughout this same period, Snider spent her summers on staff at the Chautauquan Daily in Chautauqua, New York. Here she was primarily a writer, doing telephone interviews with national celebrities and writing profiles.

Her love of Chautauqua led to several articles about the Institution that were published in travel sections of major newspapers. San Diego Union-Tribune

At home in Kansas during the winters, Snider’s work was expanding into the public relations field. Today, she continues to work for many public relations clients, primarily in higher education and healthcare.

Her candid photography helps clients tell the stories of their institutions. 

Her insightful written profiles bring personalities to life.  With dual skills as a writer/photographer Snider reduces the personnel needed to cover any story – whether for print or for web.  

Wichita Clinic Doctor profiles       


In recent years, as more couples want photojournalistic-style coverage of their weddings, Snider has enjoyed documenting these special events: Capturing in digital image the candid moments that help couples relive their day for years to come.


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